Dyno Tuning

DRP Motorsports offers custom dyno tuning for your Ford coyote mustang/F150, Voodoo GT350, Predator GT500, and Ford Ecoboost.  Although our remote tuning via the RTD3 Tuner is high quality, nothing beats a thorough dyno tune for maximum horsepower and torque! 

When a vehicle is brought in for a dyno tune, we take our time and make multiple pulls under part throttle and full throttle conditions.  This gives the customer the best performance in all driving scenarios. 

We are located in Southeastern North Carolina but don't let distance stop you from letting us dyno tune your ride!  Many customers bring their vehicles in from other states and leave them with us.  We only take in what we can keep under our roof to protect the customer's ride from the elements.  In some cases, we can even offer pickup and delivery with our enclosed car trailer. 

Cost depends on the services provided and equipment needed, so contact us for a quote for your ride.

Below you will find video clips from just a few of the many cars that have been on our chassis dyno.




2019 Mustang GT

I entrusted DRP Motorsports to do the work. I highly recommend DRP Motorsports for work on your car! I have visited DRP Motorsports twice. Each time, I have been more than satisfied. DRP takes their time & gives you quality work. Well worth the visit!

Ethan Johnson
Ammon, NC

If you have a S550 mustang and need tunning...this guy is local in NC and is not only a great tuner but a awesome individual!! Highly recommend reaching out to DRPMOTORSPORTS.COM for anything

Mike Scarborough
Angier, NC