Tuning FAQ



 Thank you for interest in purchasing a HP Tuners RTD and/or HP Tuners ready tuning from DRP Motorsports!  This guide is for the new customer not familiar with how the tuning process works using a HP Tuners MVPI2+, MVPI3, RTD+, or RTD 3 device.  Older MVPI, MVPI2 or RTD devices are not supported by DRP Motorsports. 


First of all, why tune your vehicle?

Factory tuning, although quite good for the average person, does hold back a vehicle’s maximum performance.  Factory tuning is designed to appeal to the mass public and is typically intended to provide reasonable power in a smooth seamless fashion.  However, for performance folks like us, this is not ideal!

Tuning can, in some cases, increase performance on a completely stock vehicle.  However more often, tuning is used to increase performance on a vehicle that is modified or using higher octane or alternative fuels.  Please email us at info@drpmotorsports.com  to discuss what potential performance tuning can offer for your particular vehicle.


What is needed to tune your vehicle?

In order for us to provide tuning for vehicle here is a short list of what you will need…

  1. A HP Tuners RTD 3, MVPI2+, or MVPI3 device. We sell the RTD 3 and you can purchase one from us from the link below https://drpmotorsports.com/products/hp-tuners-rtd-3?_pos=1&_sid=bffaca879&_ss=r
  2. HP Tuners Universal Credits required to license your particular vehicle for tuning (the amount of credits needed is determined by the year, make, and model of your vehicle. Click the link below to find out how many credits are required for your vehicle.


Once you determine the required number of credits needed, you can purchase them by clicking on the link below.


Again, email us at info@drpmotorsports.com  with any questions.

  1. A DRP Motorsports tuning purchase. Check out the listings below and click the appropriate link to purchase tuning from us.






  1. An IOS or Android smartphone, tablet, device with internet connection. This will be needed to download and use the TDN app required to operate your HP Tuners device.


How do I use the TDN app and my HP Tuners device to tune my vehicle?

Click the link below to see the complete user guide for tuning your vehicle via the TDN app with your HP Tuners device.  Remember you must have internet connection when tuning your vehicle and have a valid email address/account in order for us get you connected with an invite code with our network in the TDN.  You will also be required to create and sign into your HP Tuners account when using the TDN app.





Need further assistance?

Email us at info@drpmotorsports.com  at any time for assistance!

Thank you for choosing DRP Motorsports for your tuning needs!



2019 Mustang GT

I entrusted DRP Motorsports to do the work. I highly recommend DRP Motorsports for work on your car! I have visited DRP Motorsports twice. Each time, I have been more than satisfied. DRP takes their time & gives you quality work. Well worth the visit!

Ethan Johnson
Ammon, NC

If you have a S550 mustang and need tunning...this guy is local in NC and is not only a great tuner but a awesome individual!! Highly recommend reaching out to DRPMOTORSPORTS.COM for anything

Mike Scarborough
Angier, NC