Drivetrain: 2WD
Year Model: 2007.7-2011


$3,995.00 Base Price

+ $2,000 Refundable Core Charge
= $
5,995 Total Price

Product Description


As times have evolved, we have had many customers ask about a budget friendly entry level 68RFE transmission. Until now, we have not offered this but since the masses have asked for it, we are now proud to offer the Revmax 450S transmission. This unit is our base level 68RFE. It is built by the same builders as the rest of our performance 68RFE’s and to the exact same stringent specifications, just with different parts. Other builders tout this exact build as the benchmark of high performance 68RFE builds, but at RevMax this is our base unit and there is a reason why!

The heart of the 450S is the Sonnax Smart-Tech 68RFE OD housing. This housing allows for up to 16% more holding capacity than stock. If you do the math, this equates to 406HP of maximum holding capacity. We have also used a custom clutch stack and a few other goodies that maxes out the possible capacities of this setup at 450HP. While it is good for a stock truck or very mildly modified trucks, unfortunately, there is no way to get more than this holding capacity with this setup. Note, we do not recommend running more than 200PSI of line pressure on the 450S. This is due to to design limitations in the bolt on pressure plate area. Exceeding 200PSI has led to numerous failures of the bolts  industry wide. The bolts supplied with the drum kit are already a grade 8 and even replacing them with other aftermarket grade 8 bolts is not sufficient to hold back the force created by 225psi tunes.

We do not feel that a billet input shaft is a necessity with this unit as the weak link will still be the input clutch drum and specifically the OD clutch. Regardless of the hype you may see online about using a billet channel plate and other small items, none of these will do anything to increase the holding capacity of the OD clutch which is contained in this Smart Tech Drum. This should only be used in a low power, light work application! Lastly, this is also why this unit is not available with a triple disc converter upgrade, as the multi clutch stage 4 can hold more power than the transmission can and upgrading to a triple disc would be a waste of your hard earned money.

This product is ONLY recommended for STOCK or LIGHTLY upgraded trucks with no more than 450HP and light towing.

Unit Specifications:
Input Clutch Drum

UD 1st-4th

  • Custom UD Clutch Stack
  • Forged UD/OD Pressure Plate

OD 4th-6th

  • Custom 14 or 16 OD Clutch Stack
  • Forged OD/Reverse Pressure Plate
  • Sonnax SmartTech OD Drum Kit

2C 2nd and 6th Gear

  • RevMax billet 2C piston
  • 4 RevMax Propietary GPZ frictions
  • 4 Steels
  • High Performance D Ring Seals

4C 3rd and 5th Gear

  • 4 RevMax Propietary GPZ frictions
  • 4 Steels

Low Reverse, 1st and Reverse

  • 14 Single Sided Frictions
  • RevMax Upgraded Custom Machined Low Roller Sprag Setup, replaces factory sprag design

Valve Body

  • RevMax 1” SOLID Billet Channel Plate
  • RevMax Bonded Separator Plate
  • RevMax 2x Thick Accumulator Plate
  • Additional Hardware attachments for Accumulator Plate
  • Revmax ZeroFlow 3/2 Billet Accumulator Pistons
  • Updated Tower Seals
  • Upgraded Accumulator Plate Hardware
  • Transgo O/S SSV Solenoid Switch Valve and End Plugs
    Computerized Dyno Tested
  • 250 Psi Capable **Requires tuning**

Pan – Double Deep Aluminum Pan


  • Transgo TC Limit system
  • Transgo TC Release limit system
  • Transgo TCC Accumulator Spring Upgrade
  • 250 Psi Capable **Requires tuning**

Torque Converter – RevMax Stage 4 Billet Twin Clutch Low Stall Converter

Flexplate – None


  • Parts – 2 yr. unlimited mileage
  • Install Labor – None
  • Shipping – None
  • Shaft or Sprag Failure – None
  • Refresh After Warranty – $1000.00

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